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    I Tried Avon for the First Time & Handpicked My Top 6 Trustworthy Makeup
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    From Avon Teen Colors to Avon True Color
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    VLOG #34: Definitely #FeelsLikeFreedom with #AvonFashionsBodyIllusion
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    I Wore the NEW Avon Fashions Body Illusion Underwear for 3 Days To Check If It Really #FeelsLikeFreedom

    I’m not going to lie. I suuuper hate the feeling of wearing a bra. My daily routine includes removing my bra and putting it under my pillow before I go to sleep.

    When I started my search for a well-fitting bra, I knew I had to be picky. I want a bra that feels like a

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    Avon Body Illusion Seamless Bra and Panty
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