VLOG #34: Definitely #FeelsLikeFreedom with #AvonFashionsBodyIllusion

March 28, 2019 

When I first wore the #AvonFashionsBodyIllusion Charlene Underwire seamless bra and panty, my instant reaction was…”Wow! It fits me perfectly!

People who knew me ever since I was young, pretty sure are aware that I’ve been slim for the longest time already, even when I got preggy or after giving birth, still the same bod. So it’s quite hard for me to purchase bras and panties ‘coz of my size. Glad to know that the all new Body Illusion intimates of Avon just fits me perfectly—the size, structure, fabric. Just amazeballs!

When I first heard about the #AvonFashionsBodyIllusion, their campaign is about “women can conquer any role, thanks to the innerwear that supports without getting in the way.

Then it hit me, what is it to be a woman and what is the role of women in the society?

Webster’s Dictionary defined “woman” as:

  • a female human being
  • an adult female person

Then I asked myself again, what exactly does it mean to be a woman and what is the role of women in the society?

Growing up I’ve always been surrounded by women, from my Mom and my sister down to my aunts, grandmas, godmothers, cousins, friends, and of course let’s not forget my teachers/professors and schoolmates/classmates to bosses, workmates, and even acquaintances. I’ve also looked up to other women who are singers, actresses, influencers, basically public figures. Then I figured these different types of women also have different types of roles in their families and even in the society. Each and every woman I have encountered definitely made an impression on me–some with successful careers and some with just the average ‘coz they’re just starting: some with kids and some without; some have a work/career and some chose to be full-time homemakers; some young, some old, and some in between. Hence, I believe many of them have different perspectives on their womanhood and have different philosophies too.

I guess being a woman is more than biology, and maybe it even goes beyond gender. In my own opinion, being a woman in the first place is being human and recognizing the intricacy that comes with it. Being a woman is also a recognition of some of the weaknesses that we may be attributed from birth and the battle we might face in this not so perfect world. But hey if we have weaknesses, we also have strengths that come with our womanhood–the strength of our hearts, our minds, our bodies, and our souls, which would definitely differ from woman to woman.

Being a woman means being strong, because we’ll find that our womanhood will need that strength along the way. Us women take responsibility for our own lives, a full-time ownership on what we want. We might be afraid at times, but we go beyond that fear to define our womanhood, and not allow somebody else to define it for us of course.

With all the things mentioned above in regards of being a woman, do you have any idea on what the role of women in our society? According to Aura, there are particularly twelve roles that we actually portray as a woman–student, sister, friend, wife, daughter-in-law, cousin, godmother, mother, professional, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and grandmother.

Well as for me, I portray ten roles already [graduate student, sister, friend, wife, daughter-in-law, cousin, godmother, mother, professional (blogger/influencer), sister-in-law] and I must say it isn’t an easy task at all, especially now that I am a mother myself I should be fast in moving or doing things for my toddler.

As a Momma of a tot, I’m always on-the-go, especially now that my little Gavin not just walks but runs already. He loves interacting with me since he’s two years of age. We love playing just as much as we love learning 24/7. So basically I really move around a lot, not just walking here and there but more on running. Most of the time I have to do it as quickly as I can ‘coz tots are just not too patient.

On the other hand, I’m also a blogger/influencer. I started my personal blog last June 2015 and it was just last year that I was really active attending events plus promoting more brands on my social media accounts. You know as a blogger/influencer, it’s not just about blogging and using our laptops for posting our write-ups and not just about using our mobiles for posting our photos, we also do events so that we could have more content for our readers and/or followers. Basically, being a blogger/influencer, we also move around a lot. We take photos or videos, mingle with people, strike poses, and sometimes even do an interview.

Lastly, I’m also a graduate student. Being a student doesn’t mean I just have to sit on my desk and listen to my professor. It also means that I have to do commutes going to school, doing long walks inside the campus, maybe even running when in a hurry, probably doing outside meet-ups for group meetings for a certain project, and more!

To be honest, I have many more roles and it all boils down to one thing, I have to always move around. Of course, if I want to move around fast, I have to be freely and comfortably moving around so that I could finish my tasks faster as well.

Glad to have discovered #AvonFashionsBodyIllusion intimates (bras and panties). With their campaign “women can conquer any role, thanks to the innerwear that supports without getting in the way,” I could totally guarantee that the Charlene Underwire supports me without getting in my way.

When I became a Momma, especially now that he’s a tot, it’s all about being comfortable and feeling comfortable! I have to be always freely and comfortably moving around and not irritable with what I’m wearing inside.

When doing other things outside of being a Momma, it’s also all about being comfortable and feeling comfortable! I don’t like icky or wedgie feeling down under. It sucks and let’s be honest, we all have done in some point of our lives that when we were outside we just had that wedgie feeling and you were looking for some place to hide so that you can fix your undies in a way. Also, with bras, especially with bras which doesn’t perfectly fit, we always kind of like fix them ‘coz it’s moving or maybe pulling its way up or at the back and it sucks ‘coz it always happens to me since I haven’t had any perfect size of bras since I just have small boobies.

Wearing Body Illusion Charlene Underwire, is such a breeze. I wore the bra and undies doing three different roles that I portray in life–a Momma of a tot, a blogger/influencer, and a graduate student, since these are the major roles in which I believe I am mostly moving around. And guess what? It’s as if I ain’t wearing any bra nor panty. It’s that light and comfortable because they seemed like to not be existing at all. I’m really happy to say that #AvonFashionsBodyIllusionhave really kept their word that this new line of innerwear would definitely not get in the way no matter what role I portray as a woman to conquer everything just like planned!

The Body Illusion bra and panty are totally just light as air and you’ll really forget that it’s there. The bra’s lightweight and comfortable cups makes it easier to move since it fits your bod perfectly which it does with mine! Also, its soft, brushed shoulder straps for easy, adjustable comfort are remarkably easy to adjust and guess what you could put the strap under the bra without it being visible when wearing skin-tight clothes, it’s magic! The undies on the other hand is silky fabric that feels like butter on the skin, which makes it more comfortable to move, finally no wedgie feeling! And hey its zero seams for a perfectly seamless look is just amazeballs like totes, since it always has been my problem with the undies I’ve been using especially when I’m wearing leggings or something white. As a blogger/influencer, I don’t like that since I have to be always looking presentable when going out there–it’s not just about looking good really, but it’s about feeling good!

There are two sets of #AvonFashionsBodyIllusion innerwears–Charlene Underwire, which I have and the Sonia Non-wire, which I will be purchasing soon especially when I start my aerial silk dance activity. Basically the Charlene Underwire is a laser cut bra with clean-cut edges that leave no marks underneath tight clothing. This seamless bra and panty uses ultra soft nylon spandex material. Underwire, 3/4 cup bra in eyeglass silhouette with ultra soft foam cups, even my little #GAVINator loves the feel of the bra. While the Sonia Non-wire is a pull-on with no hooks and no wires; pull-on design for maximum comfort, just perf for workout activities. Both Charlene and Sonia’s bras and undies would be a great addition to our innerwears, especially as it will just cost us P899 for the bras and P299 for the undies. Not bad, right? I swear it’s worth the buy, especially if you’re that person who’s always on-the-go or who just loves working out, this is the answer to your problem! Oh how I love that both Charlene and Sonia are just smooth to the skin and not irritating, plus their both seamless and invisible under any outfit!

This all new #AvonFashionsBodyIllusion, is just amazing and I super love the fact that I stand by its campaign that no matter what role that we women take, we would be able to conquer anything now with ease thanks to their Body Illusion innerwears powered by Invisilite technologyliteseamless, and limitless!

So to answer my questions above, what is it to be a woman and what is the role of women in the society? I guess for me being a woman is just erasing the notion of other people about women that “they’re just that because they’re women.” NO! We are women because we love to conquer things no matter what roles we portray in our family or in the society and we should love every bit of a woman we are–from our own body and skin down to our roles in our lives! So now, no matter what role you portray every single day, make sure you have #AvonFashionsBodyIllusion with you through your journey, ‘coz I guarantee you, it always #FeelsLikeFreedom!

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